Damion Suomi // What A Wonderful Game

I think you’re pretty
And you find me charming
And we’re just drunk enough
Let’s fuck each other up like we do

'Cause you're feeling lonely
And I’m so damn horny
And we’re just drunk enough
Let’s fuck each other up here again

What a wonderful game that we play.

Mieka Pauley // Whiskey is the Devil, Daughter

Oh, you’re living in the shadow, daughter, 
Of a heritage you don’t understand.
Oh, our branches may reach up to heaven,
But our roots dig where they can.

Oh, what I need is the garden, and I promise
That I would do anything just to get back in.
Don’t tell me the devil brought you the apple, daughter,
When it’s you, it’s you bit in.

Whiskey is the devil, daughter,
But you sinned, you sinned.
Whiskey is the devil, daughter, 
But you, you, you sinned.

The serpent dips his head beneath the sea
His mother, source of all his energy
Eternal, thence to draw the strength he needs
On earth to do indomitable dees
Once more; and they, who saw but understood
Naught of his nature of beatitude
Were awed: they murmured with abated breath;
Alas the Master; so he sinks in death.
But whoso knows the mystery of man
Sees life and death as curves of one same plan.
Aleister Crowley, “Thanatos Basileos”

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